Case Study: The Journey of Jen Amos and US VetWealth



We at BizBeavers had the opportunity to interview Jen Amos, co-owner of US VetWealth, who had a compelling story that intertwines her personal journey with her professional one. This case study delves into her experiences, challenges, and the lessons she learned along the way. 


Jen Amos and her husband, Scott R. Tucker, co-own US VetWealth. They specialize in financial services for military retirees, teaching them how to privatize their pensions. Jen’s connection to the military community is personal; her father served in the military for 18 1/2 years before tragically losing his life. 


  1. Mindset: Jen faced imposter syndrome, especially when stepping into the finance industry, an area she wasn’t familiar with. 
  2. Clear Messaging: For a long time, the business lacked a clear and consistent message, making it challenging to communicate their value proposition to potential clients. 

Turning Point:

The publication of Scott’s book, “Don’t Forget Your War Chest,” marked a significant shift for the business. It provided a clear message and became a tool for lead generation. The book allowed potential clients to educate themselves about US VetWealth’s offerings, ensuring that by the time they reached out, they were well-informed. 

Strategies for Success: 

  1. Omnipresence: US VetWealth maintains a strong online presence, leveraging social media platforms and live streaming to engage with their audience.  
  2. Education: The company emphasizes the importance of educating potential clients. They use their book as a lead generation tool, encouraging people to join their online portal, Military Retirement Blueprint. 
  3. Community Building: Jen hosts a podcast, “Holding Down the Fort by US VetWealth,” where she interviews members of the military community, further establishing her identity and building relationships. 

Lessons Learned: 

  1. Persistence: Jen believes that the only time you fail is when you quit. The journey of entrepreneurship is filled with ups and downs, but maintaining a sense of purpose and pressing forward is crucial. 
  2. Spiritual Practice: Entrepreneurship requires stepping into faith every day. For Jen, having a spiritual practice has been essential in navigating the challenges and uncertainties of the entrepreneurial journey. 

Key Marketing Takeaways from US VetWealth’s Success:

  1. Content as a Lead Generator: Publishing authoritative content, like Scott’s book, can serve as a powerful tool for attracting and pre-qualifying potential clients.
  2. Pre-education of Prospects: Offering resources that educate potential clients beforehand can lead to higher conversion rates, as prospects approach the business with a clearer understanding of the offerings.
  3. Leveraging Digital Platforms: A consistent and strong online presence across various digital platforms, including social media and live streaming, enhances brand visibility and engagement.
  4. Building Community Through Content: Engaging content, such as a podcast that resonates with the target audience, fosters a sense of community, trust, and brand loyalty.
  5. The Power of Persistence: Staying committed to marketing strategies, even when faced with challenges, is essential for long-term success and brand growth.
  6. Community Engagement as Branding: By actively participating in and creating content for the community they serve, businesses can establish a stronger brand identity and deeper relationships with their audience.

Future Vision:

US VetWealth aims to franchise their concept, allowing other financial advisors to adopt their teachings and tap into the military community. This move will expand their reach and impact, further solidifying their position in the industry.


Jen Amos’s journey with US VetWealth is a testament to the power of persistence, clarity, and purpose. Her story serves as an inspiration for other entrepreneurs, highlighting the importance of overcoming challenges, establishing a clear identity, and continuously evolving to meet the needs of the market.

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