Design With Skill’s Samantha – Crafting Skylines and Dreams



Meet Samantha, not just an architect but a visionary. With two decades under her belt, she is not just building structures but is reshaping the landscape of architecture, accessibility, and development. Dive into her blueprint of success, challenges, and the foundation of her dreams.


Samantha began her career working at large, famous architecture firms, including Gehry Partners, Gensler, and Arquitectonica. Her passion for architecture and a desire for independence led her to establish her own practice in 2018. Developing her expertise in accessibility code compliance, she obtained her CASP certification from California and expanded her business to include disabled access consulting.

A Dream Beyond Blueprints

Imagine a world where development, design, and construction come together seamlessly in a thriving community. That is Samantha’s dream. An all-in-one hub, especially for affordable housing in sunny California and beyond. And she is not just dreaming; she is on the hunt for like-minded partners to turn this vision into reality.

Team Dynamics – From Duo to a Dynamic Team

Samantha believes collaboration is key for successful projects. Early in her business, she partnered with Melissa Cruise, an old colleague of hers who had impeccable creative skills with a real flair for interior design. Samantha’s team has continued to evolve. Today, ‘Design with Skill’ is not just a name; it is a team made up of talented architects, working in harmony.

The Digital Maze

In an era where software rules, Samantha navigates the intricate maze of digital tools. From Revit’s 3D modeling to the nuances of Asana’s project management, she is juggling them all. But with great software comes great challenges, especially in integration.

Marketing – Beyond the Conventional

While the digital age swears by social media, Samantha treads a different path. Word of mouth, newsletters, and good old networking have proven to be her key to successful marketing. On occasion, she will post articles and industry information on LinkedIn and Instagram, but very rarely captures her attention for marketing efforts.

Building Accessible Dreams

For Samantha, architecture is not just about aesthetics; it is about inclusivity. Ensuring ADA and disabled access compliance is not just a task; it is a commitment. And with her expertise, she guides others to craft spaces for all.

Peeking into the Future

With dreams as tall as skyscrapers, Samantha aims to double her team in the next five years. The goal? An all-in-one solution for mixed-use, mixed-income, and affordable housing projects.

Golden Advice for Aspiring Entrepreneurs

Stay rooted in your ‘why.’ Challenges are simply stepping stones. With focus and passion, the sky’s the limit.

Key Takeaways

1) Vision Over Everything: Samantha’s journey underscores the importance of a clear vision.
2) Adaptability is Key: From software challenges to team dynamics, being adaptable has been Samantha’s strength.
3) Inclusivity Matters: Architecture goes beyond design; it is about creating spaces for everyone.
4) Networking is Gold:In the age of digital marketing, never underestimate the power of word-of-mouth and genuine connections.
5) Stay True to Your Roots: No matter the challenges, remember your ‘why’ and stay grounded.


Samantha’s story is not just about buildings and designs; it is about passion, vision, and relentless pursuit. A beacon for many in the industry, her journey is a testament to what determination and clarity can achieve.

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